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materials and specifications

  • Gmund Valentinoise-Karton

    100 % Frischfasern, durchgefärbt, chlor- und säurefrei, pH-neutral, alterungsbeständig
    vert nature

  • wood veneer

    Microwood veneers certainly are one of the finest and luxurious things that can be made from Wood. With a unique technique wafer-thin veneers can be cut. - cherry

  • Hard pvc

    0.3 mm Hard pvc
    white opak

  • oracal vinyl foil

    Oracal 651 adhesive film, glossy

  • Unikat - Variant 2 out of 5
  • Signiert
  • Neodyme Magnete
  • Hängbar


28cm x 13cm X 21cm

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