red cardinal

bold and powerful,
big belly bird with a hidden stash.


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Made from Black pvc and partly laminated with Oracal 651 adhesive film in a bright, glossy red,
this Interpretation of a northern red cardinal stands strong!

The top is connected with neodym magnets and can be detached to reveal a small stash – fill his big belly with your little trinkets.
Magnets in the feet allow the sculpture to stand freely on the included stainless steel baseplate.
Each sculpture is signed with a small pvc label.

Materialien und Eigenschaften

  • Hart pvc

    0.3 mm Hart pvc

  • Farbklebefolie

    Oracal 651 Farbklebefolie
    Rot glänzend

  • Signiert
  • Edition of 10
  • Neodyme Magnete
  • Mehrere Teile
  • Bodenplatte aus Edelstahl


L 35cm x B 12cm X H 18cm